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5/31/2011 - Increase your used car’s value

Cruise control is one option most drivers expect.

When people are looking to sell their car, they may think new features will increase its value. But says if sellers aren't careful, things they add can diminish its worth.

With this in mind, offers tips on some of the best features for a used vehicle.

According to the website, the options that lead to the highest returns are features that come standard in most of today's models. Therefore, cars that have cruise control, power windows, power locks and air conditioning are options that are more likely to attract buyers.

But there are some non-standard features that tend to diminish a vehicle's value. says the worst ones are more modern-day technology advancements like rear entertainment systems and GPS units. The automotive website says that because this kind of technology is constantly being updated, it doesn't take long before it’s considered out of date because a newer version has hit the market.

Adding options will increase the car’s value, which may lead to an increase in auto insurance rates for the owner. However, because most of these options are highly valued, that shouldn't cause hesitation for buyers.

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