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5/19/2011 - Most Stolen Car of 2010

The Honda Accord was one of the most frequently stolen imported cars.

Thieves seem to favor the Honda Accord and Civic as 2010’s most stolen car. For the second straight year, both models were the most stolen cars in the country.

It's been an interesting time for the Honda Motor Company. It posted a near 19 percent increase in American car sales in March, but more cars on the road may have led to thieves having a greater ability to steal them. .

According to a report from LoJack, the Honda Accord and Civic topped the charts of which imported cars were stolen most frequently. On the positive side, however, they were also the model that was most recovered. Overall, however, vehicle recoveries are down.

"Across the country, an astounding 43.2 percent of stolen vehicles were not recovered," said Patrick Clancy, vice president of law enforcement at LoJack. "What this tells us is that today's sophisticated thieves are getting around different means of protection - including smart keys - and getting away with theft.

The report also included the states where thefts were most common, which were led by California, Texas and Florida. These states are among the more costly places for auto insurance, but that's not necessarily a reflection of the high rate of theft.

To view the report in full, click here. Selective may also offer certain insurance discounts if you have specific qualifying auto safety or anti-theft features. Talk to your Selective agent to see if you qualify, or click here to learn more. 

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