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12/19/2011 - Motorist safety bill gets broad-based support

A bill in Washington would look to make signs brighter.

Lawmakers are attempting to pass a bill that supporters say will make the roads safer for all motorists.

House Resolution 3536 - the Safe Roads for America Act - attempts to improve the brightness and size of traffic signs so drivers can see them more clearly as they pass or approach them, especially in the evening hours.

Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia, one of the bill's chief sponsors, talked about why the measure should be passed.

"Someone 60 years old needs 10 times the amount of light to see at night as someone who is 19, according to the American Automobile Association," said Johnson. "Safe Roads helps make our roads safer by ensuring seniors and everyone can see roads signs more clearly at night."

The bill has received endorsements from several organizations, including the American Traffic Safety Services Association, the American Highway Users Alliance, Easter Seals and the American Association of Retired People.

Legislators of the bi-partisan measure believe the bill's passage will lead to fewer accidents, auto insurance claims and roadway fatalities nationwide.

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