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11/11/2011 - NICB launches "Know Before You Tow" campaign

The NICB is asking consumers to be wary of unsolicited tow trucks.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is in the midst of a campaign in Illinois that encourages motorists to be aware of the towing company they hire in the event they need one.

The initiative, dubbed "Know Before You Tow," is a two-month long billboard campaign that was started after the NICB received a considerable number of complaints from Chicago consumers alleging they had been mistreated by rogue towing and storage operators.

NICB says that while the overwhelming majority of towing operators are honest and hardworking business enterprises, some take advantage of people by charging them excessive amounts of money for services never rendered.

To avoid being victimized by a disreputable towing company, NICB says motorists should never allow a towing company to tow a vehicle if their services weren't asked for. In addition, individuals may want to ask for identification proving they are who they say they are. Policyholders should also call their independent agent or insurance company for towing options or recommendations.

For more information on the “Know Before You Tow” campaign and additional towing safety tips, click here.

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