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7/22/2011 - NICB warns used car shoppers of scam artists capitalizing on floods

Officials say some car sellers aren’t disclosing past water damage.

With thousands of people making flood insurance claims and trying to recover from what they lost, the National Insurance Crime Bureau says even people whose homes weren't affected may be victims of flooding as well.

The NICB says some disreputable car dealers capitalize on floods by selling used vehicles that were subjected to severe water damage without warning consumers.

"People who engage in this kind of scam are very good at masking the telltale signs of water inundation and unless you know where to look - or smell - you are risking serious financial hardship," said the NICB in a statement.

NICB says used car shoppers should have an idea of the vehicle’s resale value and make sure the vehicle comes with all the appropriate paperwork. Also, car shoppers should inspect the car for water lines, mud deposits or a mildew odor and hire an auto technician to complete a full examination of the vehicle.

Should your vehicle be damaged as a result of flooding, talk to your Selective agent today. If you have any information concerning vehicle theft and insurance fraud, please report it directly to us by calling our Fraud Hotline at 877-862-2824 or the National Crime Insurance Bureau at 800-835-6422 or

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