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7/21/2011 - Nearly one in five drivers would fail road knowledge test if taken today

Many drivers can’t pass a written driving knowledge test.

A new study is revealing that many drivers have forgotten much of what they learned during their drivers' education courses and would fail the written portion of the exam.

The study, conducted by a nationwide insurer, found that nearly 37 million American drivers would not be able to pass Department of Motor Vehicle tests based on the exam results of 5,130 respondents.

Because the participants represented each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, the study was able to determine which states scored the best. Test results revealed Wyoming drivers scored best, with just 4.5 percent receiving failing grades. New York and D.C. motorists had the highest rates of failure at 34 percent.

Other findings from the study revealed Colorado drivers had the best rate of improvement over the past year, going from 24th place to third in testing results, while Arkansas test scores plummeted from 10th place in 2010 to 40th place in 2011. Age also factored into the test scores, as participants between the ages of 60 and 65 scored best. 

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