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7/18/2011 - Poll: 68 percent of teens say they've been involved in 'near misses'

Even if they haven’t been in an accident, many teens have come close.

As a general rule, teenagers tend to pay more for car insurance than drivers who are older than them. And if a new study is accurate, those rates won't be falling any time soon

According to Students Against Destructive Decisions, a youth advocacy organization, nearly 70 percent of teenagers say they have narrowly escaped a traffic accident - or what the study calls 'near misses' - with 56 percent saying it's happened to them more than once.

When respondents were asked what behaviors led to their near accidents, speeding and texting while driving were the most common reasons.

"The high prevalence of distracted and dangerous driving continues to be a concern, especially as we head into the summer months when the highest number of driving fatalities occurs," said Stephen Wallace, chairman of SADD. Wallace went on to say that because teens tend to drive more often in the summertime, it's a particularly important time to talk to their kids about the dangers of distracted driving.

While distracted driving is often equated with cellphone use, it can also include eating and drinking, grooming, changing a radio station or talking to fellow passengers. Selective encourages drivers of all ages to drive safely. For more driving safety tips, click here.

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