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8/12/2013 - What customers would do if given command of an insurance agency

Drivers who use a cellphone on the road are often seen in a negative light.

A new survey indicates that if motorists were given the ability, certain variables that describe a driver's safety record would be weighted more heavily in relation to how they can affect their auto insurance rates.

The poll, which was commissioned by a quote comparison website, asked motorists how they would they would determine premiums for a policyholders' plans were they to be in charge of an insurer. As it pertains to the costs that can result from not adhering to rules of the road, about 73% said drivers who text would pay substantially more for rates than those who always keep their focus on the road and 53% said being cited for operating a cellphone behind the wheel would result in a penalty of some kind.

But motorists were also eager to reward good behavior as well. More than half of respondents indicated they would offer a discount if customers took the initiative to install a device that prevented a phone from being used while driving.

There are a variety of factors that go into what determines auto insurance rates. Though it's not exhaustive, the Insurance Information Institute offers several examples.

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