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12/5/2011 - What to do when a windshield breaks

Consumers should have chips in their windshield repaired before they spread.

A glass repair expert advises motorists that how quickly they address cracks in their windshields plays a significant role in how involved the repair process will be.

"Chips are easier to repair when the damage has just occurred," said David Beck, a technician for a Utah-based windshield company, in an interview with automotive information website "Over time, rain washes dirt into the crack, making it harder to seal." advises motorists about some of the things they should do when their car has a broken windshield. This includes finding a certified windshield installer and asking the installer that they use original equipment for glass. Original glass will be of higher quality.

In addition, the source recommends that the work be inspected after installation. Molding that is straight and shows no visible signs of adhesive suggests the work has been done correctly.

To save money, recommends going directly to the glass shop to get a windshield replaced rather than through the car dealer. Dealerships often subcontract with windshield repair companies, which then raise the price.

Drivers may also want to consult with their independent insurance agent about windshield repair, as it's often cheaper to repair a small nick than to replace the entire windshield later on. 

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