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9/12/2013 - Criminals resorting to alternative forms of auto theft

Despite a sharp decline in car theft rates, vehicle owners should still keep their guard up.

Thanks to more improved technological systems and the efforts of law enforcement efforts, there has been a general decline in car theft. But criminals appear to be adapting to these realities and becoming more original with what they do in order to make good on their thieving ends.

Terri Miller, director of the auto insurance industry-funded organization called Help Eliminate Auto Thefts, notes that these exploits have been particularly common in Michigan.

"As technology in vehicles increases, and law enforcement continues to successfully put criminals behind bars, thieves are looking for new ways to target Michigan drivers," said Miller. "Drivers need to be aware of the evolving trends, and how to protect themselves and their property."

Some of the most common unorthodox crimes that are being done with greater frequency include stealing vehicles parts or components like catalytic converters, illegally obtaining cars' VIN numbers so they can sell a car without it being flagged as being stolen and carjackings.

Fortunately, with the proper policy, motorists can recover from their losses if their car is stolen. By asking for a comprehensive plan as an accompaniment, all manner of automotive theft is covered.

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