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2/5/2013 - Spate Of Antique Car Thefts In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has seen its fair share of antique car thefts.

Massachusetts firefighters hope to nab a thief who's been making off with thousands of dollars worth in auto parts that have been stolen from antique cars.

Originally reported by local newspaper The Berkshire Eagle, firefighters in the Bay State town of Lee say that someone broke into a garage that's located near a landfill and stole several important parts of an antique car that was built in 1939. Among the parts stolen were the framing for the windshield, a chrome radiator and pieces of copper, according to Lee Fire Department Chief Alan Sparks.

Though officials aren't certain the overall costs of the items that were purloined by the thief, Sparks told reporters that the radiator cost more than $3,000.

The paper notes that because related incidents have happened on more than one occasion, the vintage vehicle has since been moved to an undisclosed location.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, antique and classic cars can be insured through basic auto insurance policies, but there are usually certain requirements for a vehicle to qualify as antique. For example, mileage should range between 1,000 to 5,000 miles and the cars need to be stored in a garage or holding facility when not in use.

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