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5/11/2011 - 'Every 15 Minutes' strikes chord with students

An interactive program hopes to show teens the dangers of drunk driving.

With high schools nationwide gearing up for prom season, many students have seen a program called "Every 15 Minutes," a strategy that's meant to leave an indelible image on young students' minds regarding the dangers of drunk driving.

"Every 15 minutes" alludes to the fact that someone in the U.S. dies in an alcohol-related car accident in that amount of time.

Schools using the program illustrate this by having someone dressed as the "Grim Reaper" call out a person's name in a class every 15 minutes. This person is considered to have died. An officer comes in shortly thereafter and reads the student's obituary.

The elaborate program, which has been used at various high schools throughout the country, has garnered lots of attention from national news networks, as students have told morning news shows like "Today" and "Good Morning America" that it's a powerful reminder as to the dangers of drinking and driving.

Besides the toll drinking and driving can have on a person's safety, it also affects their auto insurance rates, raising them sharply. In fact, some insurance companies take policyholders off their plans altogether after a conviction.

To learn more about the program, click here.

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