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10/31/2011 - Halloween safety tips

Safety is important for both pedestrians and drivers on Halloween.

A child advocacy group recently released a report that gauged how aware children and their parents were about Halloween safety.

The study, conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide, found that while most parents talked to their children about Halloween safety in the past, they rarely do it every year.

Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids, said reinforcement is crucial, especially when they're young.

"Given children's limited attention spans, repeated and consistent messages about safe behaviors are key to preventing injuries," said Carr. "By following the basic safety tips provided by Safe Kids, Halloween can be a fun and safe night for children of all ages."

With the increased foot traffic, motorists on the road should also be cautious to avoid accidents and auto insurance claims.

Some of the Halloween safety tips the group recommends include walking on sidewalks and pathways when trick-or-treating, decorating candy bags with reflective stickers so drivers can see them and wearing brightly colored costumes so that they're easily identifiable.

Selective wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween. For more Halloween safety advice from, please click here.

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