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11/9/2011 - Parents trust their teens to drive safely, but not others

Many parents are more worried about other teen drivers instead of their own.

A new study is indicating that while parents trust that their own children drive safely, they tend to worry about how other teens fare behind the wheel.

According to the poll conducted by FTI Consulting, 79% of parents said they believe their kids drive responsibly but were concerned about how other drivers their kids' age performed at the wheel.

The survey also analyzed specific things that parents fret over when it comes to distractions that can pose safety risks. For instance, 73% said that teenagers texting while driving worried them "a great deal," much more than the 50% of respondents who said the same thing about drinking and driving.

"Technology and multi-tasking has made driving today completely different than years ago," said auto insurance expert Phil Telgenhoff.. "Knowing that teens watch what adults do while driving is why it is so important that everyone put down the phones, limit distractions overall and set a good example in the car."

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents, the Department of Transportation devotes an entire website to distracted driver awareness called

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