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2/24/2012 - University employees develop winter storm survival app

New smartphone app can help consumers survive an emergency.

Should motorists ever find themselves stranded in their cars during a blizzard, they can now turn to their mobile device for help on what they should do to get out of their predicament.

According to The Associated Press, two employees for North Dakota State University recently developed a mobile application that users can download to their portable devices called the Winter Survival Kit, which works in the U.S. and Canada. A free program, the app can pinpoint precisely where a motorist is located, call emergency services, notify friends and family and gauge how much gas is left in the tank.

Bertsch told the news source the app may prove to be a life saver.

"It's our sincere hope that no one ever has to use it," said Bertsch. "But if one person does have to use it and it keeps them in their car or keeps them from succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning, then it is definitely worth the time and effort that was spent on the app."

In addition, the application allows drivers to enter emergency phone numbers and input contact information for their auto insurance provider. It also offers tips on what to include in an emergency kit.

Click here to read more about the Winter Survival Kit App.

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