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The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, which is part of the reason why some public policy organizations think it's time to get rid of it.
High Tax Rate On Businesses Hurts Economy, Public Policy Group Says
The National Center for Policy Analysis says the time has come to abolish the corporate tax rate, noting that its excessive cost is making life harder for the average business owner. 
Economists believe a part of the reason why young adults continue to live with their parents has to do with high levels of student debt.
Despite Economic Growth, Young Adults Still Living With Parents
Many millennials are living with their parents, even though the economy has grown and unemployment is down.
Farmers are in dire need of water, as the harsh effects of drought are plaguing a quarter of the country.
One Quarter of U.S. Experiencing Drought
It isn't just California that's seen limited amounts of rainfall this year, as the East Coast has been hard hit by drought as well.
Just because energy use usually increases in the summer doesn't mean you have to pay more compared to other periods of the year.
4 Reliable Ways To Lower Your Business' Electric Bill
During the summer when energy use often peaks, these tips can help lower your utility expenses.
Alcohol ignition interlocks work by preventing drivers from starting their cars if their blood alcohol content is above the legal limit.
Ignition Interlock Technology Could Spare 59,000 Lives Annually, Study Finds
A new study out of the University of Michigan estimates that 59,000 people could be saved through greater alcohol ignition interlock device use.
Winter 'froze' business activity for many companies this past year.
Winter Puts The Chill On Businesses This Year
New polling data as well as lagging jobs numbers demonstrate what businesses went through this past winter.
For the third year in a row, the Toyota Motor Corp. is the undisputed king of the automaking world, selling more vehicles than any other nameplate worldwide.
Toyota is World's Top Automaker Once Again
Toyota Motor Corp. sold 10.2 million vehicles in 2014, the third year in a row that its sold more than any other nameplate in the world.
Replacing the front door offers among the highest returns on investment when it comes to renovating a residential property, according to a study conducted by
Homeowners Should Consider Front Door Replacement, Study Says
Homeowners can recoup nearly all of their renovation spending by upgrading their entry doors, based on a new study from
Gas prices have really gone through quite the transformation over the past several months.
Fuel Economy Still Overarching Concern for Car Buyers, Despite Dip in Gas Prices
Gas mileage is the main reason why new-vehicle owners go with their purchase, according to a new J.D. Power and Associates survey.
Based on a survey commissioned by Fannie Mae, a substantial number of mortgage executives for large lenders say they've eased credit standards as of late and that this trend will likely continue in 2015.
Credit Standards to Ease, Lenders Suggest
Perhaps in an effort to encourage buying, many mortgage companies say they're loosening the reins on loan qualification, according to a survey by Fannie Mae.
 Based on a recent poll, a substantial number of Americans say that they would pay more for a residence than they originally intended if they found a home that they knew was for them.
Many Willing to Spend More for the Right Home, Poll Finds
1 in 5 current homeowners went over budget on their residence because they liked it so much, according to a survey from BMO Harris Bank.
Real estate near the ocean not only makes for a beautiful sight, but residences tend to be much more valuable compared to properties inland.
Study: Waterfront Real Estate Prices Double that of Inland Residences
The median value of properties near to an ocean or lake is two times higher than non-waterfront homes, Zillow recently found.
Fortunately, there haven't been any major winter storms during this year's holiday sales events, but if there were, having the right business owners insurance policy can provide entrepreneurs with the revenue they would have gotten had they not been forced to close their doors during the holiday rush.
Holiday Season Reminds Business Owners to Have the Right Insurance
With about a week and half remaining before the festive holiday, small business owners are pulling out all the stops in the hopes that the busy buying season will translate into big sales, as this is typically the time of year where companies go from operating in the red to the black.
More than 8 in 10 cyber criminals - 86% - said they're confident about never facing repercussions for computer hacking attempts, Thycotic revealed in a poll.
Most Hackers Don't Think They'll Ever Be Caught, Poll Finds
More than 80% of confessed hacktivists believe their cyber warfare actions will go unpunished, according to recent polling from Thycotic.
If you happen to own an e-commerce company, Nov. 30 has the potential to be your biggest, most profitable day of the year.
How to Get Your Company Ready for Cyber Monday
Suggestions for how to properly prepare for what is typically the biggest Internet-based shopping day on the calendar.
The signature kickoff to the holiday season has the potential to be a stellar 24-hour period for the nation's retailers, hoping to woo shoppers through their doors by enticing them with rock-bottom prices.
Retailers Prepare for Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving could be the 11th consecutive year of being store owners' biggest sales period.
More than half of employers in a recent poll indicated that they have hired someone in the past who they would consider as a "job hopper."
4 Ways to Maintain a Happy Workplace
These tips can help you keep a workforce that has no desire to go anywhere else.
There's another special sales event that takes place around this time that's getting increased attention any may at some point eclipse Black Friday in popularity: Small Business Saturday.
Take Advantage of November's Small Business Saturday
In 2013, close to $6 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday, which this year falls on Nov. 29.
When it comes to which consumers are the most common purchasers of new vehicles, baby boomers tend to buy more all-new cars than their younger counterparts, based on the results of a new survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates.
Baby Boomers Big Buyers of New Vehicles, Report Finds
In year-to-date sales, consumers in their 50s and 60s have purchased the most new cars, according to J.D. Power and Associates.
Used car prices are projected to decline rather precipitously in the forthcoming months, largely due to the frequency with which people are buying all-new automobiles.
Used Car Prices to Lower Thanks to Surging New-Car Sales
Recent analysis indicates used car prices are anticipated to slide to levels not seen since 2008.
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
More Americans Delaying Entry into Real Estate Market
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety applauded the U.S. House of Representatives for passing The National Windstorm Impact Reduction Act, which was up for reauthorization.
Windstorm Bill Being Considered by Lawmakers
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety recently recognized the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a bill that would help protect structures from wind-related damage threats.
Approximately 99% of temporary and contract employees who want to be permanent workers accomplish this goal, the American Staffing Association reported.
Poll: Vast Majority of Temporary Workers Go On to Become Full-timers
Contract employment almost always results in becoming a regular worker, according to new polling data from the American Staffing Association.
Homeowners insurance provide the funds you need to get things back in order, but as with most other things in life, there's a process and order for how to go about filing a claim.
4 Steps to Filing an Insurance Claim
Speed up the claims filing process with these tips after property loss.
A new study shows more car shoppers don't plan to haggle for a lower price
Haggling Not a Concern For Many Car Buyers
Less than 20% of auto shoppers say they're 'extreme price grinders,' according to an poll.
With this being the second Monday of October, the nation celebrates Columbus Day - as on this day 522 years ago, Italian discoverer Christopher Columbus set sail to discover the new world.
The History of Columbus Day
How Columbus Day came to be and why it's still considered to be controversial.
In an industry first, sport utility vehicles and crossovers are now more popular among consumers interested in purchasing a new car, according to the findings of a survey performed by IHS Automotive.
SUV Supplants Sedan as Most Popular Vehicle Body Type
Sport utility vehicles represent a larger portion of the new-vehicle market, according to a new report from IHS Automotive.
After a year's that's been replete with automotive recalls due to safety issues, a surprising new study reveals that safety takes a backseat to price when it comes to the factors that consumers consider before purchasing a new vehicle.
Poll: Consumers Value Price Over Safety
More car buyers say the affordability of a vehicle has a bigger influence on their decision to purchase a vehicle than safety history, according to YouGov.
There are five states in which repair costs are extremely expensive, serving as a further incentive to keep your car properly maintained.
The 5 Most Expensive States to Get Your Car Fixed
A new report shows why you should aim to properly maintain the upkeep of your vehicle.
A new survey shows fewer people are shopping around for auto insurance.
Fewer Consumers Shopping Around for Auto Insurance Coverage
New polling data from TransUnion suggests the rate of auto insurance shopping has declined.
Labor Day - which is celebrated the first Monday in September - has long been a part of America's tradition.
Celebrating the American Worker
Labor Day has been an official national holiday for 120 years.
A new poll shows that texting hasn't fallen by the wayside completely, and calls are still the norm.
People Still Call More Than Text, Poll Suggests
When in-person conversations can't be had, consumers say they'd rather call than text.
Anyone looking for a good car for under $8,000 should check out the most recent Kelley Blue Book.
Supply of Affordable Priced Cars Grows
Kelley Blue Book recently named the best cars that sell for less than $8,000.
When it comes to more time or more money, most Americans would take a bigger check over more personal time.
Pay Raise vs. Vacation Time?
An overwhelming majority of Americans say that they'd rather be compensated more robustly than additional time to themselves.
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