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5/9/2012 - Daily grind cited as obstacle to business innovation

Executives say daily activities preclude innovation.

While business managers are always looking for ways to improve their company, some of their daily tasks often prove to be barriers, a new poll suggests.

The survey, commissioned by research firm Robert Half International, found that nearly half of the surveyed chief financial officers noted being bogged down with daily tasks as the biggest obstacle to being more innovative. Other reasons included too much bureaucracy, not receiving enough new ideas and ineffective leadership among other business professionals.

Kathryn Bolt, president of the independent research organization, said CFOs should prompt employees to give their opinions about how the company can improve.

"Managers should regularly encourage their staff to break away from their routines and develop innovative programs that will benefit the business," said Bolt. "To give staff time to accomplish this, managers can work with their teams to reprioritize projects and also bring in additional support during peak activity periods."

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