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6/16/2011 - Do hybrid cars cost more to insure?

Many hybrid owners may face higher insurance costs.

While the high cost of gasoline has more people thinking about purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles like hybrids, a new from has found that, overall, they tend to cost more in auto insurance premiums.

Speaking to the insurance resource website about why that's the case, Russ Rader of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said hybrid drivers tend to put more miles on their cars.

"A person with a long daily commute might purchase a hybrid to save on fuel cost,” Rader said. “However, the increased time on the road increases exposure and the risk of getting into a crash, so insurance losses for those vehicles would be higher, resulting in higher premiums."

Some hybrids, however, don't cost much more than their gasoline contemporaries. found that the Mazda Tribute cost just $49 more to insure than its gas equivalent at $1,212 per year.

That rate is considerably less than the national auto insurance average for traditional models, as the website found that U.S. motorists spend approximately $1,561 per year in premiums.

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