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5/4/2012 - Employers who go green may have leg up on competition

 Green business practices may improve recruitment.

Business owners who place a priority on environmental responsibility may be at an advantage when it comes to attracting potential employees to consider working for them, a new report study suggests.

According to career services organization The Ladders, when job seekers are given the choice between two job opportunities, nearly three in every four said they would be more apt to choose the employer that is more eco-conscious. Just 18% said how green a business is has no impact on whether they would want to work for them or not.

Alex Douzet, COO and co-founder of The Ladders, said more and more people are placing environmental friendliness on their list of wants in a potential employer.

"Since launching almost a decade ago, we have seen a growing desire for job seekers to work in an environment that reflects their personal values," said Douzet. "Our research provides a critical wake-up call to employers who do not consider eco-conscious efforts to be best practice."

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