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9/30/2011 - Enhancing vehicles' mileage

Going easy on the brakes can improve drivers' mileage.

With gas prices remaining elevated throughout much of the country, fuel efficiency is a top concern among many motorists. To help drivers get better mileage, lifestyle content provider Family Features offers a few tips.

For instance, certain driving activities can have an impact on how quickly a car burns gas. Speeding, rapid acceleration and excessive braking can lower mileage by 33 percent on the highway. Motorists should avoid these actions as much as possible.

Maintenance is also crucial to improving the mileage of a vehicle. Therefore, the source recommends keeping tires properly inflated and making sure the engine receives regular tune-ups.

Finally, Family Features recommends filling up with a high-quality gasoline, as an inferior product can cause carbon deposits to form, clogging intake valves and fuel injectors. High-grade fuel can enhance the responsiveness of a vehicle, leading to greater mileage and fewer dollars spent.

For more tips on smarter driving to enhance your car’s mileage, click here.

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