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7/6/2012 - Jewelry becomes top insured-loss category

Lost jewelry was the most common property insurance claim.

When it comes to the most frequent items policyholders made property insurance claims on for their belongings last year, jewelry topped them all, a new report indicates.

According to Enservio's Annual Contents Claims Index, insurers saw the most claims volume come from jewelry after these valuables may have been lost or damaged, jumping from 13% in 2010 to 17% last year in overall Replacement Cost Value. RCV is a measure used to determine the cost of replacing belongings with the same item.

Meanwhile, in the second position was electronics - such as high-definition televisions, personal computers and mobile devices - which had a RCV of 13%.

Jon McNeill, CEO of Enservio, noted the difference between last year and 2010's top items claimed.

"In 2011, we've seen the switch in position between the Electronics and Jewelry categories, while the overall category rankings and rankings within each category indicate only slight changes year-to-year," said McNeill.

The Enservio report also revealed where jewelry claims tended to come from, finding that most were from the West Coast. Electronics claims, however, were more common in the South.

For the full list of the top items claimed, click here.

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