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4/16/2012 - 'Mobilize the Earth' by lightening the load on the highway

Emptying out the trunk can improve gas mileage.

On April 22, people around the world will ring in Earth Day by resolving to become more environmentally responsible in their everyday living. With this year's theme being "Mobilize the Earth," many people will start by making some changes when they are behind the wheel.

While using hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles is one of way doing this, some simple adjustments to driving habits can also have a big impact.

For example, ease up on the gas and brake pedals when driving. Motorists who jam the accelerator - often referred to as "lead foot drivers" - not only use more gasoline, but they increase fuel emissions. Instead of slamming the gas pedal, try to accelerate gradually. Drivers can also save gas by using cruise control more often.

Another simple way to "go green" when driving is to take out any unnecessary weight the car is carrying. Even small things can add up, so it is advisable to take out as many extraneous items as possible. Excessive weight can reduce fuel economy by 1% for every 100 pounds.

Visit to learn more about how you can "Mobilize the Earth".

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