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8/6/2013 - NCDC: Nearly a dozen disasters totaling $1 billion each hit U.S. last year

Numerous costly natural disasters hit the U.S. last year.

Though in retrospect 2012 may not seem like a year that was riddled with severe weather, recently released data suggests that not only was it an environmentally active season, but an expensive one as well.

According to the National Climatic Data Center, 11 weather and climate disasters in the U.S. alone led to economic and property insurance losses totaling more than $1 billion each. The most devastating storm, Hurricane Sandy, resulted in the highest damage totals at $65 billion, while the protracted dry period that plagued much of the Midwest cost more than $30 billion, NCDC concludes.

In fact, next to 2005, it was the costliest year for weather-related property losses, NCDC notes.

It's unclear how 2013 will finish in the record books, but tornado activity has been particularly common and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration maintains its prediction that 2013 will be an above-average year for hurricane formation. There is a 70% likelihood that between 13 and 20 storms will be named by the season's end.

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