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6/30/2011 - Nationwide food costs may rise due to Mississippi River closures

The recent flooding could increase good prices.

As the gates at the Mississippi River's Morganza Spillway remain open to try and keep the millions of residents in Baton Rouge and New Orleans from feeling the effects of flooding, shipping vessels are being prevented from making their deliveries. As a result, officials believe food costs could skyrocket nationwide.

According to ABC News, large boats containing staple crops like wheat, corn and soybeans have nowhere to go because the flood waters are too high in the areas where the waters have been allowed to flow

Guy Comier, parish president at St. Martin Church in Butte La Rose, one of the communities affected by the floods, told ABC News he's frustrated with the situation.

"It's really heart wrenching, that we here are going to be sacrificed for others," said Comier. "It's a numbers game I guess."

Having enough flood insurance isn't the only thing residents are worrying about. Reports indicate that Mississippi River closures may be costing the U.S. economy $300 million per day. 

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