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8/4/2011 - Raleigh named as the best city for business operation

Raleigh tops Forbes' list of business-friendly cities.

A new study was recently released detailing some of the best cities for businessowners.

According to Forbes magazine and its annual Best Places for Business list, Raleigh, North Carolina, tops the charts as the U.S.' best city for companies to operate in.

Citing affordable cost, and a well-educated labor force, Raleigh jumped from third place last year to first place overall in 2011, the source indicates.

Forbes arrived at their results by taking several factors into consideration, including job growth, costs, income growth, level of education attained and projected economic growth.

Last year's top selection, Des Moines, Iowa, fell to the number two spot in 2011. Forbes attributed the fall to a struggling employment rate.

Other business-friendly cities include Provo, Utah; Lexington, Kentucky and Fort Collins, Colorado.

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