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6/6/2012 - Renters thinking more seriously about homeownership

Many renters are looking to buy properties.

A new survey indicates that individuals who are currently renting an apartment but have been considering buying a house are even more likely to purchase one now than they were previously.

The poll, which was conducted by homebuilding firm PulteGroup, discovered that approximately six in 10 renters have increased their desire to buy a home compared to how they felt 12 months ago. Furthermore, they plan to do so at some point within the next two years.

Deborah Meyer, the construction firm's senior vice president, noted that many people still long for a property than can call their own.

"Clearly the dream of homeownership is alive and well in America, yet we still have a ways to go to ensure more renters are able to take that important step towards buying their first home," said Meyer. "Homeownership is more attainable than ever with historically low mortgage rates and competitive pricing, as well as affordable new homes designed for first-time home buyers coming into the market."

When asked to explain why they wanted their own home, 44% viewed it as a good financial investment.

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