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12/12/2011 - Small business owners describe insurance agents as trustworthy

Business owners said their insurance agents were very trustworthy.

A new survey indicates that small business owners exhibit more trust in independent and commercial insurance agents and businesses compared to other financial services firms.

Conducted by The Pert Group, a third-party independent consulting research firm, the survey found that agents are perceived by small business owners as being more trustworthy than other financial services professionals.

The study also found that trust was a significant factor small business owners relied on when choosing an insurer. For example, when questioned about what characteristics an insurer should portray, 86% said trust was "very important."

"In a time of considerable economic uncertainty, small business owners want to know they are working with an agent and a carrier they can count on," said Michael Keane, president of a leading insurer that commissioned the study. "It's critical for companies to establish and maintain trust and confidence of those they serve."

More than 500 small business owners took part in the study, which was conducted between September 14 and 23. To contact a Selective independent insurance agent, click here

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