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5/29/2012 - FEMA reminds business and property owners that flood insurance is their best defense

Flood insurance can help businesses recover from flood damage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency helps people cope with various types of disasters but the one they encounter most is floods.

With this in mind, FEMA is reminding business owners, renters and property owners that they should seek flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program if they have not already. Thousands of communities throughout the country participate in the NFIP, which requires them to adopt floodplain ordinances that FEMA establishes to help reduce the risk of damage caused by high water events.

Richard Sobota, flood insurance specialist at FEMA, said the NFIP has helped millions of people avoid financial disaster for more than 30 years.

"The NFIP covers upwards of 5.5 million homeowners, renters and businesses in more than 21,000 communities nationwide," said Sobota. "Homes can be insured against flood damage for up to $250,000 and commercial buildings for up to $500,000."

Sobota noted that people should not think they could not afford coverage, as a $100,000 flood insurance policy averages around $400 per year.  Learn more about flood insurance from Selective by contacting a Selective agent today, or by clicking here.

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