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6/27/2011 - Many Mississippians building make-shift levees of their own

Some Mississippi residents built levees of their own to stop rising floodwaters.

The Army Corps of Engineers says they're confident the levees in Mississippi will hold, but some residents in Vicksburg aren't taking any chances and are resorting to home ingenuity as a fail-safe measure.

Many homeowners living along some of the overflowing tributaries are building make-shift levees, using sand, dirt and gravel in an effort to keep water levels from creeping any further inland.

Several businesses have resorted to similar tactics, as the paper reports employees for a cement production company in the southern portion of the city built a levee of their own. The high waters proved to be too much, however, as it burst soon after it was finished.

Vicksburg is one of dozens of communities overwhelmed by flooding in the Gulf Coast. There have been a number of forced evacuations, but homeowners may be able to return to their homes soon as authorities indicate many portions of the Mississippi River have finally crested.

Once they get there, they may be checking their home insurance policy to make sure it includes flood insurance coverage, which isn't included in standard policies. To provide assistance to all Selective flood insurance customers in the affected areas, Selective is currently airing radio announcements in those areas with information on reaching us for help. If you are a Selective flood insurance customer who is impacted by the Mississippi River flooding, please call us toll-free now at 877-348-0552.

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