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7/31/2013 - Indiana daycare centers operating under heightened scrutiny

Managers of daycare centers need to ensure their safety measures are up-to-standard.

It won't be long before classes are back in session, but in the time being, parents have been bringing their kids to daycare, causing many of these centers to increase their ranks so that they can accommodate the added workload. In certain parts of the country, these centers have also had to raise their due diligence in order to be in compliance with the law.

Earlier this year, Indiana lawmakers passed nearly 300 laws, most of which went into effect in July. Among them was legislation requiring daycares to conduct more rigorous background checks in order to better determine the qualifications of their workers.

This heightened regulatory environment comes a year after a 1-year-old tragically died at a daycare after falling into a pool of water, the Daily Journal reported at the time.

"In general, it's a good move for the state of Indiana to keep all of us on a level playing field in regards to who is taking care of our children," said Elisabeth Jones, director of an Indiana-based childcare provider. "The national background checks will help with that."

Liability is a major issue for business owners, especially those that provide for young children. Selective offers business owners' insurance to daycares so that they are covered in the event of emergencies and instances wherein they may be held responsible.  In addition Selective insured's can receive discounted access to background screening products and solutions.

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