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Homeowners/Renters Insurance

Homeowners/Renters Insurance
Cooking fires are three times more likely to occur on Thanksgiving than other days of the year, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
Don't Burn The Bird: 4 Tips For a Fire Safe Thanksgiving
More home fires happen on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year, making cooking safety a top priority.
Electric fireplaces provide all the amenities that hearth fireplaces do, without the hassle and maintenance.
3 Glowingly Good Reasons To Install An Artificial Fireplace
Though some people cringe at the thought of anything that's artificial, an electric fireplace is about as authentic as it gets, without the hassle that comes from the real thing.
Would podracing be covered in 'Star Wars'?
Insurance In The 'Star Wars' Galaxy
When The Force isn't enough, insurance takes care of accidents in the intergalactic empire.
Residential sprinklers systems can substantially reduce the amount of damage caused by fire.
Making The Case For Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems
Saving lives, damage and money, residential fire sprinklers serve as a surefire way to keep your family safe. 
Homeowners can reinforce their doors by installing a deadbolt.
Protecting Your Home From Theft
Nearly 3 in 4 residential thefts occur when no one is at home, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. 
Don't let the cold weather slow you down.
Don't Let Cold Temperatures Slow You Down
Cold and flu season is approaching, but by staying active, you can put the freeze on illness.
The grey squirrel is one of 200 species.
How Squirrels Can Damage Your Home
Squirrels may be cute in the wild, but not when they find their way into your house, causing damage that can be expensive to fix.
Be sure to cook all meats thoroughly to avoid foodborne illnesses.
Throwing A Football Party? Know The Risk
If you're hosting a football party at some point this year, these tips will help ensure you don't get 'sacked' with a lawsuit.
Take the appropriate precautions this Halloween - and throughout the year - by checking your home's smoke detectors to ensure they 're working properly.
Stay Fire Safe This Halloween By Checking Your Smoke Detectors
Approximately 3 in 5 home fire deaths happened in homes where fire alarms weren't working or missing, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
Something as simple as raking leaves can help establish a lasting bond with your children, which in the process builds the relationship with work that can help them later in life.
With Kids Involved, Raking Leaves Much More Than A Chore
Celebrate National Children's Day by spending quality time with your kids doing yard work. It gets your yard ready for the winter and establishes the type of work ethic kids can benefit from in adulthood.  
Winter will be here before you know it, so be sure your kids dress warmly headed into cold and flu season.
Bundle Up Your Kids With Cold And Flu Season Here
Keep sickness at bay this winter by dressing your kids appropriately when temperatures are below freezing.
Contrary to popular belief, insulating the attic is an effective way to bottle in heat so it doesn't escape during winter.
With Another Cold Winter On Tap, Is Your Home Properly Insulated?
Every year, homeowners spend thousands of dollars in unnecessary heating expenses when heat escapes due to poor insulation.
A clean fireplace enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of a fire.
3 Basic Ways To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter
Before the cold weather settles in, these tips will help you get your fireplace ready so that's raring to go when Old Man Winter shows up. 
New York City faces a 1 in 130 chance of experiencing major flooding as soon as 2013.
Rising Seas Increasing Risk of Widespread Flooding Along East Coast
If flood defenses aren't expedited, several cities in the coming years could witness flooding similar to what New Orleans experience after Hurricane Katrina, according to a recent projection from RMS. 
Nearly 2 million grandparents in the United States serve as guardians to their grandchildren.
How To Make The Home Safer For Multigenerational Households
With nearly 20% of Americans live in a multigenerational household, modifications are often required to help grandparents get around more easily.
National Preparedness Month serves as the ideal time to take the precautions necessary for emergency situations.
September Is National Preparedness Month
This year's theme focuses on four of the more damaging types of environmental hazards: Flooding wildfires, hurricanes and power outages.
Make sure your trip to the festival is a good experience with these safety tips.
4 Tips To Stay Safe And Well At The Summer Festival
The following are all key components to ensuring a festival outing isn't marred by an unpleasant experience.
Summer is one of the more enjoyable times of year, but it's not without its downsides, all coming from above.
Summer: A Season Of Storms
Hurricanes may be the most talked about storm when the weather gets warm, but there's several others to be mindful of.
Dog training makes dog ownership safer and simpler.
Why Training Is A Key Part Of Dog Ownership
August 26 is National Dog Day, and there's no better way to pay tribute to your dog than by taking the time to train them.
Farmers are in dire need of water, as the harsh effects of drought are plaguing a quarter of the country.
One Quarter of U.S. Experiencing Drought
It isn't just California that's seen limited amounts of rainfall this year, as the East Coast has been hard hit by drought as well.
Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is the latest example of how freak accidents often happen in the comfort of home.
When Freak Accidents Occur At Home
Seemingly harmless household items are linked to thousands of injuries every year.
Searing sunlight combined with record warmth adds up to double trouble on your house's exterior.
How Extreme Heat, Sun Can Damage Your House
When temperatures climb in the summertime, residential foundations and roofs beg for mercy.
A security alarm is a reliable way to ward off residential theft.
4 Effective Ways Of Deterring Home Theft
Summer is a peak time of year for robberies, mainly because people are away on vacation.
Now's the time to prepare for the next big hurricane.
Calm Before The Storm Is Time To Prepare
The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet, but it's times like these that make it ideal to prepare for storms that do strike.
National Night Out helps promote the development of neighborhood crime watches.
Helping Neighbors Come Together Through National Night Out
The first Tuesday in August celebrates how neighborhood support and joint interests can prevent property crime.
There were fewer lightning storms last year, but they were every bit as damaging, even more so than in years gone by, according to new stats released by the Insurance Information Institute.
Lightning Strikes Down In 2014, But Damage Costs Rise
Insurers paid 99,871 homeowners last year for damages caused by lightning, according to the Insurance Information Institute. 
Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with skylights.
Why Installing Skylights Is A 'Bright' Idea
Skylights not only enhance a home's natural interior beauty, but makes it more energy efficient as well.
Too much heat in your home may not only be harmful to your personal health, it could also damage your house.
Protecting Your Home, And Yourself, From Summer Heat
Across the country, houses are hot and sticky with summer humidity and high temperatures. Air conditioners are the obvious solution. The problem with A/C, though, is it is expensive.
Never keep valuable items in plain sight when parking your car.
How Motorists Can Keep Their Privacy Intact
More than $1.2 billion worth of personal items are stolen from cars annually, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
Most Americans know someone who hoards things, according to a new survey.
Most People Know Someone Who Hoards, Survey Finds
More than half of Americans say they know of someone who has a problem with hoarding, according to a poll done by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.
When the mercury rises, there are a number of ways you can keep your home cool without having to turn on the air conditioning.
6 Ways To Stay Cool Without Using A/C
This suggestions can help keep your home cool in the summer without having to fire up the air conditioner.
A lightning strike produces enough energy to power a 1,000-watt light bulb.
Lightning: A 'Strikingly' Dangerous Occurrence
Seven people have been killed by lightning this year, according to the National Weather Service.
Storm surge can produce towering waves, putting coastal properties in jeopardy.
Report: Storm Surge Threatens 6.6 Million Homes This Year
More than 6.6 million homes are at risk of being inundated by storm surge this hurricane season, according to a new estimate from CoreLogic.
The average wedding costs over $31,200, according to
Hosting A Wedding? Make Sure You're Properly Covered
With the average wedding costing more than $31,200, it's important to have the right type and amount of insurance in place.
Don't think insulation is important during the summer? Think again.
Why Insulation Is So Important In The Summer
If your home isn't properly insulated during the warm weather season, expect to spend more on your utility bill over the summer. 
Beware of heat exhaustion this summer when temperatures climb and you're active outdoors.
Heat Exhaustion: What It Is And How To Treat It
Rapid heartbeat, dizziness and shallow breathing are classic symptoms of heat exhaustion and can lead to heat stroke, which is deadly.
Learning how to swim can make the summer more fun and safe.
More Than Half Of Teens Don't Know Swimming Fundamentals
Over 50% of teenagers aren't able to perform basic swim strokes, according to the American Red Cross.
Only half of households have prepared an emergency kit, according to a recent government study.
Only Half of U.S. Households Have Emergency Kit, Poll Finds
Just 51% of families in the country have supplies readily at hand when there is an urgent situation, according to a new poll conducted by the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Hurricane formation is expected to be limited this year, according to forecasters from Colorado State University.
'Well Below Average' Hurricane Season Expected
Forecasters from Colorado State University believe one major hurricane will develop in the Atlantic this year.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend with these grilling safety reminders.
How To Grill Safely This Memorial Day
Thousands of grilling fires happen each year in the United States, virtually all of which are preventable.
'Promposals' cost the average American household around $325, according to a new study done by Visa.
High Spending Makes Prom Planning A 'Promposal'
Parents and teenagers spend nearly $325 on the prom, a new Visa study finds.
The Golden and Labrador Retrievers are two of the more popular dog breeds in America.
May Is Dog Bite Prevention Month
More than one-third of all homeowners insurance claims are dog bite-related, according to the Insurance Information Institute.
Pollen in the air may be inescapable, but you can lessen the effects of allergies by reducing your exposure to cigarette smoke.
Smoking Makes Allergies Worse - Allergy Awareness Month
Cigarette smoke worsens allergy symptoms, which is why May is as good a time as ever to finally kick the habit.
On a weather map, hurricanes have a circular-like pattern and produce sustained wind gusts in excess of 74 miles per hour.
How Do Hurricanes Develop?
Wind, rain and warm ocean temperatures are the key ingredients that make for hurricane potential.
Arson is the intentional destruction of property by fire.
Protect Yourself From Arson
May 3 - 9 is National Arson Awareness Week
Two-thirds of Mother's Day gift givers this year will be presenting their moms with flowers, according to the National Retail Federation.
No Dollar Amount Too Much For Mom, New Survey Suggests
Consumers will spend an average of more than $172 for Mother's Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.
Be sure everyone drinks responsibly for Cinco de Mayo.
How To Have A Fun, Safe Cinco De Mayo
If only for one day of the year, everyone is Mexican on May 5, a major day on the calendar that's a source of great pride, fun and celebration. 
April 30 is National PreparAthon Day.
Does Your Home Have An Emergency Kit?
On this the second annual National PreparAthon Day, a new government poll indicates only half of Americans have an emergency supply kit in their homes.
You should aim to clean out your gutters four times a year.
Spring Cleaning Your Home's Gutters
If you have a gutter system, you'll want to make sure that they're cleaned out this spring.
Lightning strikes in the morning often have a peak cycle of 30,000 amps per flash, much higher than the 6,000 to 20,000 amps produced during the afternoon.
Study: Strength Of Lightning Peaks In The A.M.
New research from the University of Alabama finds that the electric current of lightning is at its strongest in the early part of the day.
There are plenty of good reasons for filing a tax deadline extension if you're not ready.
3 Good Reasons For Filing A Tax Extension Request
There are lots of legitimate justifications for pushing back your filing deadline.
Get your lawn ready for the warm weather season with these mowing recommendations.
Lawn Care Tips for Spring Mowing
April showers are sure to bring May flowers, not to mention growing grass that you'll be needing to cut.
If it's been a year since you've replaced your alarms' batteries, switch them out when you turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend.
Check Your Alarms When Changing The Clocks
Make it a tradition to check your home's fire and carbon monoxide alarms whenever the clocks 'spring forward.'
Homeowners who have their siding replaced are forecast to recoup 80% of what they spend to have the project done.
Ringing In Spring With Home Upkeep Projects
Be it minor or major, renovation can bring a big return on homeowners' investment.
Looking to de-clutter? Make sure what you put away in storage is properly protected, the Insurance Information Institute recently advised.
Complement Your Spring Cleaning Ritual with the Proper Insurance
The Insurance Information Institute offers tips on what to look for in a storage facility.
A new poll indicates that many renters are relocating this year to save on living expenses.
Affordability Main Reason Why Renters Are Moving This Year, Poll Finds
25% of renters intends to move this year to lower their cost of living, according to an survey.
Your home inspection should take two to three hours to complete.
5 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Inspector
Here are five questions that will help you land a qualified home inspection professional.
If a new poll is reflective of the nation at large, many Americans are not putting money aside for maintenance-related tasks.
Homeowners Not Prepared for Maintenance Expenses, Poll Finds
Just one-third of homeowners has a budget for home repairs, according to a new survey.
About $19 billion will be spent on Valentine's Day gifts this year.
Lovebirds Spending More For Valentine's Holiday
The average consumer will spend close to $150 on their significant others for Feb. 14, according to the National Retail Federation.
Replacing the front door offers among the highest returns on investment when it comes to renovating a residential property, according to a study conducted by
Homeowners Should Consider Front Door Replacement, Study Says
Homeowners can recoup nearly all of their renovation spending by upgrading their entry doors, based on a new study from
Though it's still early in the 2015 season, the polar vortex is back - and with a vengeance.
How to Prepare for the Return of the Polar Vortex
These tips can help prevent your home from being victimized by Old Man Winter's wrath.
Homeowners insurance companies estimate that approximately 250,000 people annually see their water pipes freeze over due to bitterly cold temperatures.
Storm Juno Reminds Homeowners to Protect Their Water Pipes From Freeze
Nearly a quarter million homeowners experience frozen pipes each year.
If there is an energy facility near you, the U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released a web tool that can help determine whether its located in a flood zone.
EIA Releases Flood Vulnerability Map Web Tool
The U.S. Energy Information Administration has an online tool that allows users to see if energy infrastructure near to them is at risk for flooding.
Not only can having or maintaining good credit make it easier to be approved for a loan or mortgage, but it may also save you quite a bit on your homeowners insurance.
Homeowners' Premiums Often Two Times Higher for Consumers with Bad Credit found that people with good credit usually spend much less for coverage on their home.
Roughly 27% of the U.S. adult population are comprised of millennials.
Millennials' Insurance Needs
The up and coming generation has arrived, who now have insurance needs as adults with families of their own.
Based on a survey commissioned by Fannie Mae, a substantial number of mortgage executives for large lenders say they've eased credit standards as of late and that this trend will likely continue in 2015.
Credit Standards to Ease, Lenders Suggest
Perhaps in an effort to encourage buying, many mortgage companies say they're loosening the reins on loan qualification, according to a survey by Fannie Mae.
 Based on a recent poll, a substantial number of Americans say that they would pay more for a residence than they originally intended if they found a home that they knew was for them.
Many Willing to Spend More for the Right Home, Poll Finds
1 in 5 current homeowners went over budget on their residence because they liked it so much, according to a survey from BMO Harris Bank.
If you're looking for the state where natural hazards are fairly few and far between, Michigan may be your best bet, according to newly released data.
Michigan Carries Lowest Risk for Property Damage Loss, Study Finds
The Wolverine State is the least likely in the U.S. for damaging natural disasters to take place, according to a new report from CoreLogic.
When hosting a party with loved ones, it's very important to ensure that everyone who comes is safe so that everyone gets through the night with their well-being fully intact.
3 Safety Tips Every New Year's Party Host Should Heed
The following tips are some of the ways you can avoid liability and a potential homeowners insurance claim when hosting a gathering to celebrate the new year. 
Real estate near the ocean not only makes for a beautiful sight, but residences tend to be much more valuable compared to properties inland.
Study: Waterfront Real Estate Prices Double that of Inland Residences
The median value of properties near to an ocean or lake is two times higher than non-waterfront homes, Zillow recently found.
The Atlantic coast and the Midwest were two regions of destination for Americans changing addresses this past summer.
Washington, D.C., Chicago Top Moving Destinations This Year
The nation's capital and Illinois' most populated city were prime areas to which families relocated this summer, according to United Van Lines.
Expense of homeownership has more people renting
Expense of homeownership has more people renting
New survey analysis suggests that insufficient savings is one of the main reasons why renters aren't buying.
One unfortunate aspect of live Christmas trees is that they're highly flammable and have been responsible for a number of homeowners insurance claims.
5 Steps to Avoid a Holiday Catastrophe
Though rare, Christmas tree fires occur every year, but they all can be prevented with the proper fire safety awareness.
Though a remodeling project can be costly, many individuals have said it made more financial sense than planning a move.
Remodeling More of a Priority Than Moving, Owners Say
A new survey indicates more than half of homeowners wanting to improve the resale value of their home don't intend to move for at least five years.
According to a recent J.D. Power and Associates study, price is the leading driver of satisfaction consumers have with their insurers.
Why You May Want to Consider Bundling Your Auto Insurance
Bundling insurance plan offerings is one of the easiest ways to save money and become more efficient.
A question that a lot of people have is how to determine the appropriate amount of homeowners insurance coverage to get.
3 Things to Remember When Buying Home Insurance
Take these three tips under advisement when you purchase coverage for your home.
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
More Americans Delaying Entry into Real Estate Market
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
As the second half of the year plays out, the first six months were ones to remember in the natural disaster department, according to newly released details on the economic impact of environmental disasters.
Relatively Quiet First Half of 2014 for Natural Disasters
Economic losses were half of what they are normally at the year's midpoint, but Aon Benfield says the concluding six months could be a different story.
Close to 95 percent of people who have a place of their own say that they have coverage, based on a recent survey performed by ORC International on behalf of the Insurance Information Institute.
Reduce the Cost of Homeowners Insurance
The average homeowner spends $35 per month in premiums for every $100,000 a home is worth, according to estimates.
As a general rule, earthquakes are fairly rare events, certainly the ones that can bring substantial damage.
USGS Raises Risk Level of Earthquake for Nation
The U.S. Geological Survey says 42 states have a 'reasonable chance' of experiencing a major earthquake in the next 50 years.
When renters were asked what factors would propel them to continue doing so, rather than purchase a home, some of the most common responses included having too much debt, not making enough money and insufficient credit, a recent survey revealed.
Few Renters Have Insurance, New Poll Finds
Slightly more than one-third of renters have coverage, according to a new Insurance Information Institute survey.
According to the National Weather Service, there's an 80% chance that El Nino will occur during either the fall or winter.
Will Fall Bring an Active or Quiet Season for Storms?
If 2014 is a repeat of 2013, it could be another quiet autumn on tap.
Looking to buy a house? Keep these tips in mind.
Purchasing a Home: 6 Things to Know
These buying tips should help you prepare for the housing hunt.
If you live in a flood-prone area, here's how to prepare your home for a potential disaster
How to Prepare your Home for an Upcoming Flood
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has tips on how to prepare when flooding is anticipated.
Do you know how to put together a proper emergency kit?
Emergency Kit Essentials, What to Include
Take advantage of National Preparedness Month by assembling a disaster supply kit for your home.
This year's hurricane season is expected to be less severe and on par with last year's relatively calm period.
Another Dormant Hurricane Season on Tap, NOAA Says
The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration indicates there's a 50% chance there will be fewer hurricanes than normal this year.
Experts have asserted that the the government needs to enforce stronger building codes to offset climate change effects.
NAMIC: Government Must do More to Curb Effects of Mother Nature
The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies says lawmakers should create incentives for states to enforce more rigorous build codes.
When you're choosing your next family pet, keep these dog breeds in mind.
3 Great Dog Breeds for Your Family
With today being National Dog Day, enjoy the companionship that canines bring with one of these breeds.
A new report shows that more people are getting on their bikes to get to work
Americans Riding Bicycles to Get to Work
A new Census Bureau report finds that a higher percentage of people are taking their bike to the office.
The cost of food spoilage can be surprisingly high after a power outage, many homeowners have found.
Poll: Food Spoilage Biggest Cost for Consumers After Lengthy Outage
The most common added cost after a blackout is replacing food that's gone bad, according to a Harris Interactive survey.
Millennials are currently the generation most engaged in the homebuying process, according to a new report.
Many Millennials Looking to Become Homeowners
A new poll reveals that young people are among the most engaged consumers in the home purchase market.
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