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5/17/2013 - Homeowners looking to spruce up their living space with color

Two-thirds of homeowners across the U.S. noted they intend to paint some area of their homes in the coming months.

With spring in the air and changes to the scenery apparent, a considerable number of homeowners think their humble abodes could use a new look as well.

According to a recent poll conducted by painting supply company Sherwin-Williams, approximately two-thirds of homeowners say that they are planning to re-paint some portion of their home within the next few months.

Dave Bromstad, interior designer who hosts a program on HGTV, indicated that one of the best ways people can add some new pizzazz to their living areas is with vibrant colors and it appears as though that's just what homeowners are setting out to do.

"I love to see people get out of their neutral groove and add a splash of color to rejuvenate a room, whether it's with eye-catching accessories or a fresh coat of paint," said Bromstad. "Color can really set the mood for a room and bring personality to your home."

Other ways in which homeowners are looking to spice up their living arrangements include hanging up framed pictures and purchasing new, colorful furniture.

The poll also revealed the rooms of the house that homeowners want to breathe new life into. Approximately 33% said the bedroom, with 29% focusing their efforts on the living room. Just over 20% and 10%, respectively, cited the bedroom and kitchen.

While these home improvements are modest, recent polling data also indicates that many people plan on completely revamping their homes with a major renovation, through additions and installing new features that they didn't have before. People planning these remodeling efforts should be sure to get in touch with their homeowners insurance carrier so that they're made aware of what changes will be made to the structure of the home. Depending on the plan, policyholders may be able to lower their premiums as a result of the modernization.

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