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5/10/2013 - Moms say they don't want lavish gifts for Mother's Day

Moms nationwide seem to want their kids and spouses to save instead of spend a lot on lavish gifts this Mother’s Day.

With Mother's Day this Sunday, children are likely eager to express their love and affection for the woman that gave them life by showering them with gifts. But as a recent poll indicates, moms by and large don't want their kids breaking the bank in order to show them that they care.

According to the discount website, approximately one in every four mothers who were surveyed said they'd much rather get something simple from their kids on May 12, such as a gift certificate or generic gift card that they can use at a variety of retailers. In fact, the present they get doesn't even need to come wrapped, as the second-most common response they gave as what they'd most appreciate was a greeting card.

Lesley Kennedy, senior editor for the Denver-based coupon website, noted that what moms really enjoy is something that reminds them of how important their grown kids consider them to be and that doesn't necessarily need to be expressed by spending a lot.

"If you can save money finding a discounted gift card online and pair that with a heart-felt homemade card, a home-cooked meal or a simple phone call to say  'thanks, Mom and Dad'? Best. Child. Ever," said Kennedy.

The gift of time was something that moms said they cherished as well. More than half, (59%) of mothers said they hope to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones on their special day.

Yet despite moms' declarations against it, overspending sons and daughters will indeed tell their mothers how much they appreciate them by buying a pricey item they'll be thrilled with, such as jewelry or a flat-screen TV. Fortunately, consumer experts like Jeanne Salvatore, senior vice president and spokesperson for the Insurance Information Institute, states that these items can be protected from damage through homeowners or renters insurance.

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