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4/26/2011 - What is Trusted Choice?

Trusted Choice agents can show consumers their many options.

With hundreds of insurance providers to choose from, it can be a daunting task for consumers to decide which one is best for them. That's where the Trusted Choice® brand comes in.

Trusted Choice® is a national brand developed by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) as a way of helping educate customers about the value that independent agents bring to them. A significant part of that value is the ability to offer coverage options from a number of different insurance companies. That gives customers access to a wider range of insurance programs than they would get working with an agent who is an employee of - and who can only offer insurance from - a single company. This range of options means that Trusted Choice® agents can help their customers find the right company and the right coverages at a competitive price.

Not every agent can become a "Trusted Choice" agent. Trusted Choice® agents must commit to a pledge of performance that includes a promise to:

• Provide 24/7 access;
• Explain insurance options in a way that's easy to understand
• Assist customers through the process of resolving any claims they may have; and
• Conduct business in an ethical manner.

But Trusted Choice® doesn't want people to take their word for it. Testimonials of clients from around the country speak to Trusted Choice® agents’ professionalism and dedication to customer service. To find a Selective agent who can be your trusted insurance advisor, just click here. To learn more about Trusted Choice, just click here.

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