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2/28/2013 - Business owners continue to think they're not at risk for cyber threats

Some business owners don’t think cyber attacks will happen to their business.

News reports are becoming increasingly filled with stories involving business owners who were adversely affected by cyber hacking attempts, where reams of information - both personal and business-related - were exposed.

Even though experts say these episodes are bound to occur more and more frequently as time passes by, a considerable number of company executives think it's something that primarily affects others rather than them.

According to a recent survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers among CEOs worldwide, a mere 20% of business owners admit they feel vulnerable to a cyber threat.

Small and large companies are at risk, including those that enable workers to access their company's data through personal devices. While this may be a convenience for workers, theft of these devices can expose sensitive business information. As noted by security solutions firm Kaspersky Lab, airports are deluged with thousands of computer devices and mobile phones each year that are found by travelers. Unfortunately, many of those who spot these devices don't turn them into the lost and found.

"The trend towards consumer device use, mobile and remote working, and an increasing array of operating systems and platforms is resulting in a heterogeneous IT landscape riddled with vulnerabilities and resource-intensive to maintain," said Mathew Robinson, corporate sales director at Kaspersky.

He added that to guard against these issues, there are a variety of software programs companies can purchase that enables them to protect all systems that operate within a network, making vulnerability issues less of a problem.

Cycurity coverage from Selective works in a similar way, providing business owners with protection from liability should sensitive business information get out into the open. Speak with an independent Selective agent to learn more about this optional policy.

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