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4/22/2013 - Going green: Are you practicing what you preach?

Living green isn’t as easy as it sounds, a poll finds.

In support of Earth Day, it's important to recognize that many people feel environmental responsibility is an issue that everyone should be concerned about. However, these same people aren't always following a "green" standard of living.

Cone Communications, a public relations and marketing agency, recently conducted a poll, asking consumers about their beliefs regarding the environment. Nearly seven in 10 people who responded said that they take the environment into consideration when purchasing various products and 45% of respondents said that they actively seek out information that explains how they can be more green-friendly.

However, when participants in the poll were asked if they used these products in a way that advanced environmental responsibility, only 30% said they did so. In addition, a mere 42% of respondents said that they properly disposed of items in order to prevent them from harming the earth.

Liz Gorman, senior vice president of sustainable business practices at Cone Communications, noted that this poll suggests far too many people aren't practicing what they preach.

"The new green gap is about consumers only taking the idea of responsibility so far, despite feeling responsible for proper use and disposal," said Gorman.

She added that entrepreneurs may need to come up with some alternative ways of disposing environmentally damaging products so that people can better live up to the standards they set.

Selective offers insurance coverage for business owners that can help companies better fulfill their aims to go green. It's called GreenPac®, which after a loss, enables policyholders to replace or repair their property with its green or sustainable equivalent.

For more information on GreenPac®, click here.

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