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9/13/2013 - Help wanted: Health departments experiencing recruitment problems

Health departments at facilities nationwide are finding it difficult to attract nurses to work for them.

Even though nurses are thought of highly by most consumers, and the profession itself is one that workers enjoy, a new survey indicates that healthcare facilities are having a hard time filling open positions.

According to recent findings from the country's largest philanthropy Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, four in every ten local health departments report having a "great deal of difficulty" hiring nurses when these positions become available.

Researchers say that there appears to be a variety of reasons for why this is the case, mainly due to nurses feeling as though the profession is not as stable as they would like it to be and pay is often insufficient, due to health departments being low on financial resources.

Pamela Russo, senior program officer for RWJF, noted that it's in healthcare facilities' interest to determine what the problem is so that the issue can be corrected.

"Capturing this data about public health nurses, who represent the largest professional sector of the public health workforce, gives us a clearer picture of the challenges before us," said Russo. "It should be a high priority to address gaps and take steps to strengthen the public health nursing workforce."

The advisory committee involved in the study offered some recommendations of how to persuade more people to apply for these open posts.

Whether for senior centers, hospice organizations or adult day cares, having additional workers requires quality businessowners insurance. Selective provides the extra protection that many healthcare organizations need without unnecessarily adding to their coverage costs.

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