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10/23/2012 - Majority of Americans do not feel internet secure

Web security is a major concern for many people.

As more people take advantage of the multiplicity of platforms in which to engage in online activity, there is a rising concern among internet security experts that consumers aren't doing all they need to in order to stay safe and avoid being victimized by cyber crime.

With this in mind, the National Cyber Security Alliance has released a study that further elucidates the nature of the problem.

For example, the NCSA found that as many 90% believe that a safe internet is vital to the nation's economy, as it's a primary means in which business operations are performed. In fact, nearly six in 10 Americans say that their job is contingent on the internet and would be adversely impacted if they were forced to go without it for more than two days.

With this type of reliance on the internet, it may seem that Americans would feel confident that their online pursuits were not in jeopardy. However, the poll found that 90% are worried about potential hackers or finding that their computers have been infected by a virus or some kind of malware.

25% of consumers were victims of a security breach within the past year
This fear may not be without sufficient cause, though, as NCSA says that one in four Americans were victimized by a security breach within the past 12 months.

Gary Davis, vice president of global consumer marketing for the internet security software company McAfee, said that the U.S. has a long way to go before consumers no longer have to worry about their risk.

"In a recent study by McAfee on the unprotected rates of PC users globally, the United States ranked the fifth least protected country," said Davis. "It also uncovered that there are 19.3% of Americans browsing the Internet without any protection, 12.3% of consumers have zero security protection installed and 7% have security software installed but disabled."

With October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Davis added that he hopes individuals and business owners take the time to investigate the ways in which they can protect themselves from identity thieves and other online threats.

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