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11/4/2013 - Moms consider environmental awareness a key component of child-rearing

Businesses ought to be aware of the eco-friendly preferences of consumers nationwide.

A sizable portion of today's working moms hope to foster a sense of eco-consciousness in their children by being more green-friendly with their various activities throughout the typical day.

According to a recent survey conducted by paper product goods manufacturer Evergreen Packaging, approximately three in every four moms consider themselves "eco-aware" or feel a general sense of responsibility to practice smart consumer habits in order to make the earth more sustainable.

For example, just over 80% of moms that participated in the poll said that they try to buy recyclable packaging products as often as possible, and more than half (54%) said that they frequently thought of the environmental impact that comes with throwing something away rather than recycling it.

Erin Reynolds, marketing director for the Memphis, TN based manufacturer, noted that parents have a keen sense of environmental awareness and want to pass down their conservation practices to their offspring.

"Eco-aware moms know their eco-friendly lifestyle choices are important in shaping their children's attitudes as they grow into adulthood," said Reynolds.

According to the Center for Women's Business Research, approximately 11 million companies throughout the country are owned by women. Just as moms work to instill various green living practices into their daily lives for their family's benefit, many of these women also try to do so in the business setting.

Through Selective's GreenPac® coverage, entrepreneurs can become greener after sustaining a loss by replacing their property with its green or sustainable equivalent. To find out more about this businessowners insurance plan, visit Selective's product offerings page.

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