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3/7/2013 - Strong sentiment about economy among women business owners

Female business leaders are confident in market conditions, a report finds.

While there may still be some hesitancy about the pace of the economic recovery and whether its improvements have been legitimate, a considerable number of women who are business owners believe that the gains may have been genuine.

According to a recent poll conducted jointly by online marketing firm and the National Association of Women Business Owners, more than eight in 10 women who serve as executives or managers of their company believe that good things are in store for the nation's financial system, which they expect to experience in the months to come.

Diane Tomb, president of the NAWBO, noted that it's encouraging to see so many women who are bullish about what's in store.

"The 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Survey reveals that even in these tough economic times, women entrepreneurs are optimistic about business opportunities for the year ahead," said Tomb. "This survey informs us of the challenges and opportunities facing NAWBO members as well as women business owners in general."

Members of the NAWBO also gave indications that more women will join the ranks of executives in either taking over a company or starting one of their own. The survey found that approximately 85% of women foresee a larger share of women becoming entrepreneurs in 2013 versus recent years.

And once they get into these positions, many women also believe that they'll hire more. More than half of women business owners - 54% - said that they expect to add more workers to their ranks.

Should they do so, they may need to update their business owners policy. Additional workers increases a company executive's liability and also makes workers compensation insurance more of an issue as well should staff members be injured while on the job.

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