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8/27/2013 - Survey: Millions of Americans confine their hot dog consumption to summer, grilling season

Summer is the prime time during which Americans consume hot dogs, a survey found.

While hot dogs may be the staple of young children's diet throughout the year, a recent poll indicates that many adults confine their enjoyment of frankfurters to the summer season.

The survey, conducted by consumer product and media intelligence firm Mintel, found that about 25% of those polled said that when they eat hot dogs, it's almost always during the grilling season, which many people associate with the summertime.

John Frank, category manager of food and drink at an affiliate of Mintel, noted that this piece of information is important to note for hot dog companies - as well as those that make products for frankfurters - because they may need to increase their marketing efforts.

"While hot dog brands enjoy healthy sales during the height of the summer grilling frenzy, they must do more to encourage consumption of hot dogs for a range of meal occasions, regardless of season," said Frank.

Business owners who sell products that are in high demand during certain times of the year should also increase their vigilance in the production process so that consumers' safety isn't put in jeopardy.

Bimbo Bakeries recently initiated a recall on many of the hamburger and hot dog buns the company produces due to the possible presence of metal fragments that occurred at some point in the baking process.  Business insurance policies that offer protection like product recall coverage can help companies similar to Bimbo Bakeries recover should a recall take place. 

For more information about business insurance or product recall coverage, speak to a Selective independent insurance agent today.

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