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12/18/2012 - Companies largely unfamiliar with cyber attacks

Many business owners aren’t aware of potential for cyber attacks.

Though informational technology systems are penetrated by cyber attackers every day, a considerable number of business owners aren't aware of the most common types, a new survey indicates.

According to a poll conducted by B2B International at the direction of Kaspersky Lab, nearly one-third of company owners said they not only didn't know about the most regularly used methods for hacking into a computer system but they also weren't familiar with the biggest cyber threats for their industry specifically.

In addition, the survey discovered that approximately 60 percent of business owners didn't have the technical know-how and level of staffing needed to combat this issue.

Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder of the internationally based security solutions firm, said it's crucial that not only business owners inform themselves about these threats but that they show their employees how to handle them.

"Increasing the level of computer literacy among staff is an essential element of security, while senior management needs to be fully aware of the potential consequences of cyber threats, and understand that reliable protection of the corporate network is vital in ensuring the effective development of a company's IT infrastructure," said Kaspersky.

A cyber attack can wreak havoc on business owners. However, Selective offers a business owner's policy that can protect companies from some of the fallout. Learn more about Selective's Cycurity coverage plan here.

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