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1/2/2013 - Few know what DDoS means, new survey shows

Not many Americans understand what DDoS means.

As cyber criminals constantly adjust their strategies to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers, Americans appear to be struggling to keep up with the latest chicanery implemented.

According to a recent poll conducted by .ORG domain operator Public Interest Registry, a large majority of Americans - 85% - say that they aren't familiar with distributed denial-of-service attacks, frequently referred to as DDoS for short. In fact, only 17% of consumers could correctly identify what this term met, with nearly 80% entirely oblivious to what the acronym denoted.

DDoS attacks are schemes hatched by cyber hackers, wherein a website is flooded with web traffic. This sudden onslaught of activity causes the website to become overloaded, ultimately resulting in a suspension of services or causing it to shut down completely. Depending on how severe the attack is, the website may not be able to recover for a considerable amount of time, bringing e-commerce to a standstill.

Well-known websites have had to deal with these types of incidents, including Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay and CNN.

Not only do many consumers not know what a DDoS attack is, but few understand how they would go about fixing the problem. PIR notes that based on the poll, more than one-third of Americans wouldn't know where to turn for help should they be affected by this type of scheme.

DDoS attacks can cause significant damage to a company. However, through Selective's Cycurity coverage, businessowners may be able to recover their losses.

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