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11/1/2013 - Paper towels preferable to air dryers, study shows

Companies across the country should know paper towels are preferred over air dryers by many.

For business owners deciding whether they want to stock their bathrooms with air dryers or paper towels, a new survey suggests they may want to opt with the latter if they want to ensure that their employees don't carry infectious diseases into the workplace.

The study, which was conducted by researchers from Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia, analyzed 12 independent studies that attempted to answer the question about whether using paper towels or hand dryers is more hygienic. The study determined that the use of paper towels proved superior both in terms of drying quality and in ridding the hands of harmful bacteria.

"Drying hands thoroughly with single-use, disposable paper towels is the preferred method of hand drying," the researchers concluded. "The provision of paper towels should be considered as a means of improving hand hygiene adherence."

Researchers also found that the availability of paper towels tended to result in more people washing and drying their hands after using the restroom than did air dryers, mainly because they didn't have to wait in order to use the dispensers.

Cleanliness is a vital element for entrepreneurs in the customer service line of work. Businessowners insurance, however, may provide facilities with financial protection needed after a failed food safety or sanitation inspection, which without the proper plan can be devastating for restaurateurs, specifically.

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