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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters
In addition to helping to reduce rates, the bill should also provide a refund for policyholders who have had their flood insurance rates increase after buying or selling a home.
House passes flood insurance relief legislation
The U.S. Congress recently signed off on the Homeowner Insurance Affordability Act
This past year was one of the least-active hurricane seasons in recent memory, with only 13 named storms forming, two of which became hurricanes.
Researchers say sea-level rise guaranteed to affect flooding
Virginia Tech analysts indicate that more of a focus needs to be put on how sea levels have already swelled, rather than their potential to.
Though floods have the potential to take place throughout the year, this week also coincides with some of the more damaging flood events in U.S. history.
Recalling historic flooding events for Flood Safety Awareness Week
Some of the country's most damaging floods have taken place in March.
With this being Natural Severe Weather Week, climatologist remind Americans that the upcoming season could be an active one for catastrophes.
Report: 2013 fourth-warmest year on record
The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's report reveals that last year was one of the hottest.
The report indicated that homeowners insurance claims were relatively minimal in particular for hurricane destruction, noting that the damage done was minor along the Atlantic corridor.
Report calls 2013 calm for natural catastrophes
Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires all occurred last year, but not to the extent that was predicted, according to a new report from CoreLogic.
Freezing temperatures serve as a reminder of just how dangerous Mother Nature can be, both for cold and heat.
Temperature extremes call for added vigilance
Freezing temperatures serve as a reminder of just how dangerous Mother Nature can be.
Many climatologists say that the prevalence of flooding - and in so doing, flood insurance claims - is largely the result of climate change.
Fighting the effects of climate change
The National Research Council says that the forecasting tools currently in place aren't adequate.
Forecasters have a few theories as to why few named storms materialized in 2013.
2013 hurricane season among calmest in history
Forecasters say the last time fewer storms formed was 45 years ago.
With a greater likelihood of flooding, families may be more inclined to purchase flood insurance.
Smaller storms as powerful as Sandy
Tufts University analysts believe that rising sea levels will make relatively weak hurricanes more damaging.
Because the storm impacted so many business owners, new regulations were put into effect that aimed to better handle the effects of flooding.
Learning from Hurricane Sandy
New report highlights what victims of Sandy did in the aftermath to better prepare for another major hurricane.
The Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform can impact how much homeowners and renters pay in premiums based on their flood risk.
Lawmakers' influence within the insurance domain
The effects on flood insurance due to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act.
Though the repercussions of global climate change do not discriminate, business owners are particularly vulnerable.
Small business owners especially susceptible to consequences of climate change
The Small Business Majority and American Sustainable Business Council advise entrepreneurs of the dangers associated with climate change.
Though it's late in the season, meteorologists warn that the threat for hurricanes still looms.
Americans admit not prepared for disaster
Recent polling data shows that six in 10 families aren't ready to handle a crisis.
Taking safety precautions can help your family stay safe during Tropical Storm Karen.
Tropical Storm Karen: Safety Tips and Resources
With Tropical Storm Karen upon us, we've put together some safety tips and resources to prepare you for the storm.
The GAO reports many homeowners are securing extra flood coverage in the last decade.
GAO: Dramatic rise in share of policyholders with maximum flood coverage
The Government Accountability Office reveals that many Americans buy extensive flood protection rather than a limited amount.
Homeowners need to ensure they’re prepared in the event of an emergency.
Responding with swiftness when emergencies occur
Americans are urged to take part in National Preparedness Month.
Numerous costly natural disasters hit the U.S. last year.
NCDC: Nearly a dozen disasters totaling $1 billion each hit U.S. last year
The National Climatic Data Center says 2012 was the second-costliest year for storm activity.
A report shows how residential properties can be affected by major weather events.
Storm surge threatens more than 4 million homes
With forecasters expecting an active season, hurricane damage could be substantial this year.
Global warming could make future storms more severe, the NOAA reports.
Climate change to impact rainfall rates
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the impact of global warming may result in higher precipitation totals.
Oklahoma has been devastated by tornadoes in recent weeks.
Recovery efforts continue after severe tornado leaves Oklahoma in tatters
The May 20 twister was a Category 5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.
Hurricane season is here, so homeowners will want to prepare their properties accordingly.
New metric may bring about new classification for hurricanes
Florida State University professors have developed a measurement that may help climatologists better specify hurricane strength.
Having emergency supplies with you during a hurricane, including a first-aid kit, is imperative.
Ready or not, hurricane season is here
May 26th marks the beginning of Hurricane Preparedness Week.
The East Coast could be affected by roughly a dozen hurricanes and severe storms this year.
Heightened risk for hurricane to affect mainland, Colorado researchers say
Colorado State University scientists project an increased probability for major storm formation.
There's a chance hurricanes could be even stronger in 2013 than recent years.
Hurricanes could be stronger this year
A new forecast suggests hurricanes that form in 2013 have the potential to be more intense.
Bigger, stronger tornadoes are expected in the future.
Report predicts tornadoes to be more destructive
Increased urbanization over the past several years has made twisters a more dangerous foe.
The NFIP has been renewed for an additional five years.
National Flood Insurance Program renewed for another five years
It may have escaped Americans' attention, but last summer the NFIP was given a multi-year reauthorization.
Performing various tasks in and out of their residences can help homeowners be prepared for hurricanes.
Three ways to prepare for hurricanes today
Even though hurricane season doesn't start for a while, here are a few ways to prepare early.
An insurance expert noted falling objects, like meteors, are often covered in homeowners insurance policies.
Hit by a meteor? Insurance covers that
Insurance experts say that falling debris like meteors are provided for through a property policy.
Wildfires are projected to be prevalent in certain areas of the country in 2013.
IIBHS: Prepare for another active year for wildfires
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety says 2013 could rival 2012 as a record-breaking year for wildfire losses.
Harsh, wintry conditions are expected to remain through the start of spring.
Accuweather: Six more weeks of winter on tap for Northeast
Despite what the groundhog may have said, New Englanders are in for a long winter.
Winter weather can do plenty of damage to personal property.
III: Don't underestimate Mother Nature's wrath in winter
A considerable share of natural disasters in the past 20 years have been in the cold weather months.
Property insurance losses mounted in 2012 due to natural disasters.
Weather-wise, final six months of 2012 highly active
Munich Re says 2012 surpassed recent years in damage totals resulting from natural disasters.
New Jersey saw its hottest year on record in 2012.
New Jersey records its hottest year
State climatologists say average temperatures were 4 degrees above what's normal, the highest since 1895.
IBHS experts noted they are working to combat the effects of hail.
Researchers declare 'war on hail'
Experts from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety explain what they've been doing to combat the effects of hail.
NASA indicates wildfires are likely to be issue in coming years.
NASA researchers say to expect more wildfires
Climate scientists indicate that minimal precipitation in the coming years will likely lead to more wildfire outbreaks.
Floods affected countless homes and businesses nationwide in 2012.
Property owners re-thinking their insurance coverage in wake of Sandy
New research says flood insurance has become more popular with home and business owners.
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