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8/3/2012 - Animated clip discusses lightning safety in an entertaining way

Lightning safety remains important.

In an attempt to bring levity to what is usually a serious situation, the Insurance Information Institute recently released an animated web video that explains why people should follow their instincts and go indoors when there is threatening weather.

Approximately two-and-a-half minutes in length, the animated short, titled "Beyond Thunder Dumb: When Lightning Strikes," features two outdoorsmen, one of whom is not concerned about the loud booms of thunder that are shrieking overhead. He then tries to convince his friend that they can stay outside, saying that they are safe so long as they are near a tree, a body of water or lying on the ground. In reality, these tactics all increase the risk of being potentially struck by lightning.

After a close call, the pair finds some shelter and is quick to point out that they were lucky they were not hit.

Throughout the clip, noteworthy facts are posted, such as no place outside is safe during a thunderstorm and people should seek shelter as soon as they hear a clap of thunder.

To view the light-hearted animated web video created by the Insurance Information Institute, click here. The website also has property insurance information that may be useful as it pertains to damage resulting lightning storms.

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