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6/1/2012 - Consider reviewing your insurance plans as hurricane season arrives

Business owners should review their insurance policies regularly.

With hurricane season beginning on June 1 every year, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America is recommending business insurance policyholders to look over their current plans to make sure that they have the coverage they need.

Christopher Hackett, director of PCI's personal lines division, indicated that because plans differ, entrepreneurs ought to have a solid understanding of what is and is not provided for.

"It is crucial heading into hurricane season that all policyholders review their policies and know exactly what is covered," said Hackett. "There is still time to discuss your current coverage, deductible, and policy limits with your agent or company."

Hackett added that because heavy rains are often associated with hurricanes, policyholders might also want to ask their provider about different flood insurance plans that are available.

Typically, flood insurance coverage involves a 30-day standard waiting period, so talk to your Selective agent today to review your policy and make sure you're protected. Or, to learn more about flood insurance from Selective, click here.

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