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6/21/2011 - Floods in Midwest wreak havoc on homes, businesses

Heavy rains caused floods in the Midwest.

Wild weather conditions in the Midwest have many business and homeowners on high alert as the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued several flood warnings in southern Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Kentucky.

"Forecasters have determined there will be a very significant amount of precipitation falling in areas that don't need any more rain at the moment," said Lynn Maximuk, National Weather Service Central Region director. "We encourage all residents of potential flood areas to pay close attention to current conditions and local forecasts so they are prepared to take any protective actions needed."

The business community has also been hard hit, particularly in Kentucky. A local business newspaper based in Louisville reported that several businesses along the Ohio River will be filing flood insurance claims soon, as their websites indicate they're closed for business for the foreseeable future due to the high water levels.

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