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9/20/2012 - PCI recalls Hurricane Andrew and its last impact

Hurricane Andrew left devastation in Florida 20 years ago.

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America recently released a report detailing how far the insurance industry has come since Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992.

The report, "Twenty Years of Progress: Advances in the Property Insurance Industry Since Hurricane Andrew," details specific areas in which insurers and emergency management agencies have been able to provide greater protection to consumers and homeowners, such as by improving computer models, communications with the public, response time to catastrophes and improved savings for residents and business owners thanks to tougher building codes.

Christopher Hackett, director of personal lines at PCI, indicated that Hurricane Andrew functioned as the impetus that was necessary to bring about necessary enhancements.

"Hurricane Andrew served as a catalyst for many positive changes that have saved lives and significantly improved response times to catastrophic events of all types," said Hackett. "In the two decades following Andrew, insurers have been quick to embrace new technology so that consumers’ needs are promptly met and communities can begin the recovery process immediately following a catastrophic event."

He added that insurers have never been more prepared to deal with impending disasters than they are today. To read this PCI report, click here.

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