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5/9/2011 - Spring is the season for reviewing property insurance policy

The spring can bring harsh weather, like damaging tornadoes.

The springtime may be famous for its blooming flowers and warming temperatures, but it's infamous for devastating floods and damaging winds.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) says this knowledge should be cause for policyholders to review their homeowners insurance policies to make sure they're covered should their home be subjected to a natural catastrophe.

Certain regions are more susceptible to tornadoes than others, but III says that most property insurance policies cover damages resulting from tornadoes. But the same can't be said for auto insurance. If one wants their car protected from the damaging winds of a tornado, III says a policyholder usually has to add comprehensive coverage to their policy.

What is usually not part of a standard property insurance policy is earthquake coverage. Even in quake-prone states like California, it's hard to find an insurance company that includes earthquake protection as part of its standard package. Thus, homeowners should review their property insurance policies to verify what their plans do cover.

Policyholders may also want to add flood insurance, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced last month that flooding was expected to worsen in April.

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